Shoot with popular and legendary film stocks using your phone

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Ektacam app

An easy-to-use camera app that brings you the joy of shooting film while using digital.

Realtime film emulation

Choose any popular film stock and see its color response in realtime. Choose among B&W, instant film, slide or negative.

Share with a simple gesture

Sharing any photo is just a gesture way. Supports one-click publishing to current top social networks and services.

Easy gestures to control the camera

Slide left or right to adjust the exposure. Tap to select focus point. Tap and hold to select exposure point.

Built-in gallery and edit tools

View your photos with the integrated image gallery. Intuitively crop and level your photos using the integrated editor.

Composition aids

Choose between 5 different grid types to assist in your composition. Choose between a full-screen or letterboxed view.

Powerful but easy settings

Anything from changing picture resolution, self-timer, geotagging or volume keys function is just a tap away.

Ektacam camera control gestures

Quick camera control gestures

Swipe horizontally to adjust exposure

Tap to set focus point

Tap and hold to set light metering point

Double-tap to reset focus and light metering

Ektacam film categories

Preview film emulation in real-time

Choose any film stock

Ektacam's film stocks are categorized in Black and White, consumer instant film, professional instant film, negative, print and slide.

Preview film effects in real-time

What you see is what will get captured

Create your own collection of favorite film stocks

Press and hold any film stock to add it to your favorites!

Ektacam quick-sharing buttons

Share with just one tap

Swipe the thumbnail up to reveal the quick sharing buttons

Publish to top services and social networks with a single tap

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+, and many more!

Send photos directly to your contacts

On Android 6.0 or newer, share your photos with your contacts directly with a single tap!